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About the Rebecca D. Considine Research Institute

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Akron Children's Rebecca D. Considine Research Institute serves as a catalyst to energize research and innovation at northeast Ohio’s largest pediatric healthcare provider.

Founded in 2009, it reflects the vision of William H. and Rebecca D. Considine to create a world-class research organization capable of making significant healthcare advances for infants, children and adolescents through creativity and scientific discovery.

Rebecca D. Considine Research Institute Building

Our dedicated research teams of clinicians, scientists, residents and fellows are actively developing new medicines, devices, procedures and programs to improve the delivery of healthcare for our patients today and those we've yet to meet. We are simultaneously working to advance collaborative educational partnerships by providing access to the highest quality equipment, latest techniques and expert professional mentorship. The research institute is also home to a number of novel, multidisciplinary endeavors not often found in hospital research centers, as well as specialized centers of research dedicated to mitochondrial medicine, vision science, childhood lifestyles & population health, and health care services delivery & innovation.

With our core of expert research professionals, access to diverse patient populations, a large primary care and school health network, and passion for unlocking the power of research to advance knowledge to improve lives, the Rebecca D. Considine Research Institute is dedicated to ensuring that Akron Children's Hospital stays at the leading edge of pediatric healthcare innovation, and is well positioned to explore the full gamut of illnesses and conditions afflicting children and families in our region and beyond.

Our Primary Activities

  1. The institute’s accomplished research team pursues visionary, state-of-the-art advancements relevant to their academic interests, intellectual curiosity, knowledge of the field, and technical expertise.
  2. We provide an integrated research support system for Akron Children’s medical staff engaged in the quest to improve patient care through science — including new treatments for rare or life-threatening childhood conditions. 
  3. Our trained clinical services professionals provide significant opportunities for parents to place their children in large-scale studies of new medicines and therapies, making such treatments available before widespread clinical acceptance.
  4. As a teaching hospital, we offer exceptional educational and research opportunities for fellows, students and faculty—including mentoring hospital residents fulfilling research requirements.

Centers and Research Programs

Akron Children's Rebecca D. Considine Research Institute includes visionary centers of research that are dedicated to exploring forward-looking research fields with potential for novel investigative advances that will positively impact patient care and improve the health, well-being and quality of life of children and families in northeast Ohio and around the world.

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