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Friends of Akron Children's Hospital

Established in 1955, The Friends of Akron Children's Hospital is an auxiliary organization that encourages women to become involved in the community and volunteer their time to Akron Children's.  The organization has donated more than $3.5 million to Akron Children’s Hospital.

The purpose of the Friends is to advance the welfare of Akron Children's through service to the hospital. The Friends are involved in a number of fundraising projects to support the hospital and our patient families.  Many of the Friends volunteer in the hospital as well as participate in the annual Holiday Tree Festival.

The Friends hold four general meetings a year: a spring and fall luncheon, a December Holiday event to which each member brings a gift for a patient in the hospital, and a luncheon in February.

Wagonload of barkers

Barkers the Dog

A stuffed puppy, known as Barkers, has taken the place of the former Pinkie the Puppet.  Barkers is a collaboration between The Women’s Board of Akron Children’s Hospital, The Friends of Akron Children’s Hospital and the Holiday Tree Festival volunteers. This ongoing program, supported by annual dues and other fundraisers, ensures that patients receive Barkers upon their admission to the hospital.  Barkers eases patient’s fears and provides entertainment during their hospital stay.

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