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Careers in Nursing

Akron Children's nursing department understands the importance of encouraging careers in nursing. The demand for nurses continues to grow. It is predicted by 2025, the United States will face its worst nursing shortage ever – a shortage of more than 260,000 registered nurses.

Nurses are an integral part of healthcare, caring for patients in hospitals, long-term care facilities, schools, home health, community clinics and medical offices. Our goal is to provide solid clinical experiences for students from affiliated nursing schools.

As of June 2011, Akron Children’s has worked with 47 nursing schools, providing 1,802 clinical, preceptorship and observation experiences for nursing students. Supported programs include practical nursing, diploma nursing, associate, baccalaureate, master and doctoral nursing programs.

Akron Children’s is also aware of the growing nursing faculty shortage and limited availability of clinical placement slots for nursing students. To address these shortages, we have developed a clinical instructor program. This program encourages partnerships between the hospital and affiliated nursing schools, easing the difficulty of finding qualified clinical instructors while enhancing the number of clinical placement slots for students.

Through our clinical instructor program, affiliated nursing programs can contract with the hospital for a qualified pediatric nursing instructor who is familiar with Akron Children’s as a clinical training site. Since the program was established in 2008, ten Akron Children’s nurses have served as clinical instructors for ten affiliated nursing schools, teaching 567 nursing students in 85 clinical rotations.

For more information about our nursing education program, call 330-543-3088.

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