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Wish List Items to Make

  • Fleece tie blankets
    • 48"x48" or larger
    • NICU Blankets: 25"x40"
  • Comforters or quilts (Preferred size: 48"x48" or larger)
  • Preemie caps & booties
  • Get Well Cards: Please do not include your full name or other personally identifying information such as address or phone number.  Please do not decorate cards with glitter, sand, or feathers.
    • Suggested modes of address include “To: A Special Friend” or “Dear Friend.”  Due to HIPAA privacy regulations, we are unable to share patient names or information. 
    • Suggested messages include: You’re Awesome, You’re the Best, You Shine Brighter than the Sun, Thinking of You, I Hope You Have a Great Day Today, or similar messages. 
  • Religious-themed messages are forwarded to our Chaplains for delivery. 
  • Capes
  • Teaching dolls: plain, solid and neutral colored fabric dolls, stuffed with polyester filling. Dolls should not have facial features or clothing.  Dolls can be used for teaching and medical play with children.
  • Activity bags: paper or cloth bags filled with items to provide children with activities and fun things to do.  Items that may be included are: stickers, sticker pages, word search puzzles, crayons, markers, colored pencils, glue sticks, small craft kits with instructions, coloring books, Beanie Babies and a small toy (non-choking hazard).
  • Toiletry kits and parent packs: toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, single size shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap and lotion.

Because of privacy laws, donors are not permitted to deliver gifts directly to our patients. 

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