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School Health Services

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For most of the year, children spend the majority of their time in school. Research has shown that if they’re not healthy, their ability to reach their full academic potential is affected. To help meet the diverse healthcare needs of area students, Akron Children’s School Health Services provides school nurses and other clinical staff in school districts throughout northeast Ohio.

Our School Health Services address the ongoing healthcare needs of children who have chronic conditions, such as asthma and diabetes, to help them manage their illnesses. This helps keep them healthy, in school and ready to learn. Our nurses also ensure children with complex healthcare needs, including those who are ventilator-dependent or need tube feedings, are able to attend school.


Our services include wellness programs to keep all schoolchildren in grades K-12 healthy. Our staff is actively involved in supporting legislation that helps schools meet the healthcare needs of their students. We also look for new ways to bring resources together to benefit the health and wellbeing of schoolchildren, and provide health-related training to school personnel.