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Nursing Shared Governance

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Akron Children's Hospital Nursing Shared Governance provides a forum for nurses to participate in shared decision-making for clinical practice issues, professional development, performance improvement, nursing research and the operations of the organization.

Nurses with all levels of experience are encouraged to participate in shared governance.

Unit-Based Councils

Akron Children's Unit-Based Councils provide a forum for shared decision-making between unit nursing staff and management to promote evidence-based nursing, clinical excellence and optimal patient care outcomes.

Our councils are rooted in the premise that direct-care nurses have the best insight into solutions for unit-level clinical practice, quality and performance improvement, research, professional development, and issues surrounding unit culture and work environment.

Operations/Management Council

Akron Children's Operations/Management Council promotes and provides opportunities for leadership development, communication and professional nurse practice. We use internal and external benchmarking data, research and evidence-based practice to ensure delivery of quality, cost-effective nursing care, the availability and appropriate use of resources, and the attainment of positive outcomes.

Clinical Practice Council

Akron Children's Clinical Practice Council defines, implements, evaluates and maintains the highest standards of clinical nursing practice. We review, approve and revise clinical standards and guidelines of nursing care, as supported by evidence-based practice and nursing research.

Our clinical practice council participates in the review and recommendation of products and equipment, and the annual review of staffing plans and identified staffing outcomes, in conjunction with the chief nursing officer.

Professional Development Council

Akron Children's Professional Development Council defines, implements, evaluates and improves initiatives that promote professional growth and staff satisfaction. Our council encourages participation in the Career Achievement and Recognition of Excellence Ladder program; promotes recognition of nursing awards and achievements; and supports education, certification and mentorship.

Performance Improvement/Research Council

Akron Children's Performance Improvement/Research Council promotes an environment of continuous improvement in the quality of patient care, evidence-based practice and clinical research.

As part of a multi-disciplinary team, our council assesses and insures compliance with established standards of care and practice.