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Hearing Education Rehabilitation Otolaryngology Specialty (HEROS) Clinic

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This clinic is for patients from newborn through age 18 with permanent hearing loss. The goal is to optimize language abilities, education, social skills to help children navigate through school and excel to the best of their abilities.

The HEROS Team

  • Includes an otolaryngologist, audiologists, a nurse practitioner, speech-language pathologists and a social worker.
  • Supports patients regardless of communication choice – hearing aids, cochlear implant, sign language.
  • Provides comprehensive evaluation and ongoing collaboration with patient’s current health care providers.

Learn More

Talk to your child’s primary care provider or ENT specialist about making a referral to the HEROS Clinic. Families may also call the Akron Children’s ENT Center directly at 330-543-4930 to request an appointment.

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