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Frequently Asked Questions about EHR

What is an EHR?
EHR stands for electronic health record. It brings patient records together with appointments, registration, billing and many other functions. Our new EHR system is called Epic and allows patient records to be accessed throughout our entire organization: from the emergency room, to inpatient care and physician specialist offices, for example. Our previous EHR called AllScripts only shared information among our other pediatrician offices. 

Why is Akron Children’s Hospital going to a system-wide electronic health records?
Electronic health records will help us boost the quality of patient care, reduce waste and improve patient safety.

What should patients and families expect during this transition?
At your first appointment during the transition, we will scan your insurance card and photo ID, as well as ask for some additional information to ensure our new system is up to date. To ensure a smooth transition, we are allowing some extra time for each appointment. Thank you in advance for your patience, and we apologize for any inconveniences.

What will change for me after the office changes to Epic?
When Epic is fully implemented, Akron Children’s Hospital and its providers will have instant access to the patient’s records, regardless of the location at which the child is seen. Patients (who are 18 and older), parents and legal guardians/caretakers can also sign up for a free MyChart account that gives them online access to the health records. Information includes immunization records, test results, health summary, discharge summary, as well as the opportunity to request appointments and prescription refills, and send secure messages to our healthcare providers and staff.

How do I sign up for MyChart? 
Complete a form requesting access to the chart for each patient you have the authority to view (note: as the parent, legal guardian or legal caretaker, you are a “proxy”). Submit the form(s) to the office staff or mail to Akron Children’s Hospital (attn: health information management office) if you already left the office. We will then provide a unique MyChart access code for you to log in and create a user ID and password. If you have technical questions, contact: or 330-543-4400. Call our office with questions about information in the medical record.

Is the electronic health record secure?
Patient privacy has always been one of our highest priorities. Epic requires a password and log in for each user. There are multiple layers of security – not everyone can access all aspects of a patient’s record. When an electronic chart is viewed or changed we know who looked at it and what part of the record was accessed. Automatic log-offs ensure records aren’t accidentally left open for someone to breach. Epic is compliant with federal privacy rules.