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Expressive Therapy Wish List Items

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  • Acrylic Paints (non-toxic)
  • Amazon Gift cards
  • Blank CDs and cases
  • Canvases (various sized)
  • Cricut cartridges
  • Drawing paper (any size)
  • iTunes gift cards
  • Guitar strings
  • Jim Holtz Alcohol Ink and Papers
  • Model Magic (all colors, classroom pk 103 size)
  • Dance pom-poms & ribbon twirlers
  • Sharpie markers (all colors)
  • Snark clip-on tuners
  • Spools of tulle (new only please)
  • Twistable Crayons
  • Ukelele strings
  • Composition notebooks, journals & diaries (no metal/plastic spiral binding)
  • JBL Bluetooth speakers
  • Used Starbucks gift cards
  • West Music gift cards (www.westmusic.com)
  • Kyser capos

Because of privacy laws, donors are not permitted to deliver gifts directly to our patients.