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Competitive Advantage Now (CAN)

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Sports Performance and Wellness Program for Teams

You CAN improve in your sport and reach higher performance levels with the Competitive Advantage Now program.

Every athlete desires to improve in their sport whether it is becoming faster, stronger or more agile. However, injuries, changing stress levels, unhealthy nutrition choices and many other aspects can slow progress and make achieving these goals more difficult.

Competitive Advantage Now is a sports performance and wellness program for middle and high school teams. With the CAN program, athletes will increase mobility, strength and health; all while being instructed and supervised by trained staff members of Akron Children's Hospital and LifeCenter Plus. Each week, athletes will work with sports medicine experts to learn corrective exercises, review basic strengthening techniques, practice proper recovery methods and discuss the fundamental aspects of wellness.

Each class will be customized for your team and provide athletes with the tools to help reduce the risk of susceptibility to common sports injuries.

Lori Ross:

Amanda Boswell:

330-655-2377 ext. 319