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Center for Patient Experience Innovation

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The mission of the Center for Patient Experience Innovation is to transform the emotional and cognitive journey of patients and their families, supporting a culture of legendary service and integrating efforts across the organization to design and deliver distinctive experiences that consistently exceed expectations.

Patient experience refers to the thoughts and feelings of patients and their family members and loved ones as they move through a healthcare journey.  The foundation of thoughts and feelings distinguishes patient experience from other domains in healthcare that focus primarily on biological, clinical, process, or business factors.

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An increasing body of research evidence illustrates how delivering a positive experience in healthcare can improve medical outcomes.  For example, reducing stress and anxiety strengthens the immune system, which in turn impacts infection and recovery rates.  Compliance with treatment programs and long term outcomes can be enhanced through effective communication and inspiring trust and confidence.  In short, if an institution is to fully embody a mission to solve medical problems and improve health, it cannot merely provide a technical service – it must also be able to deliver thoughts and feelings in the same way any other business working with human beings must do so.  

50 Hospitals with innovation programs

The Center for Patient Experience Innovation coordinates hospital-wide strategy and acts as a hub for relevant support services and resources, amplifying the creativity and intuition that already exists throughout the organization.

The Center is also a design-led research initiative that collaborates throughout the organization to facilitate idea generation, conduct pilots of new service approaches and interventions, and evaluate their impact with the aim of advancing knowledge in this fast-growing field.

The Center embraces the principles of human-centered participatory design and community engagement in which current and future users of services are richly involved throughout the design process of those services.

The Center for Patient Experience Innovation was recognized by Becker's Hospital Review in their inaugural list of 50 Hospitals with Innovation Programs.

For more information, contact us at experience@akronchildrens.org