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Mobile Check-in promotes social distancing and safety at Akron Children’s Hospital facilities

06-30-2020 (Akron, Ohio )

Akron Children’s has implemented Mobile Check-in. The new process allows families to confirm their arrival and wait in their vehicles until it’s time for their appointments.

For families with mobile devices and texting capabilities, Mobile Check-in is a three-text series:

  1. The first message is sent an hour before the patient’s appointment arrival time. The text includes a link to click upon arrival at the Akron Children’s parking area.
  2. When the patient family clicks the link to confirm they are on-site, they will receive a second text to thank them for checking in and remind them to stay in their vehicles.  
  3. When Akron Children’s staff members confirm appropriate spacing is available inside the building to maintain social distancing, the family will receive a third text to let them know it’s time to come in for the appointments.  

Once families enter the building for their appointments, they will stop at the welcome center or front desk and follow the standard process to register their children.  

“We want to do everything we can to assure the safety of our patients and families when they come to an Akron Children’s facility,” said Matt Groninger, vice president of medical and surgical subspecialties. “Along with screening all employees, patients and visitors when they enter our facilities, wearing masks and following rigorous cleaning protocols, Mobile Check-in is another tool to protect the health of our patient families and staff members.”

All Akron Children’s locations are included, from the Akron and Boardman campuses to regional facilities. Walk-in outpatient departments such as the laboratory, radiology, urgent care and the emergency room are not included.

Families who don’t have devices with texting capabilities – or those who are unable to wait in their vehicles – can enter the building immediately. Parents may forward the Mobile Check-in texts if another adult is bringing the child to an appointment.

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