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Akron Children's pediatric interventional radiologist offers less invasive treatment options

03-18-2016 (Akron, Ohio )

After completing a $4 million investment in remodeled OR space and new equipment, Akron Children’s pediatric interventional radiology program is now fully operational.  

Dr. Janice McDaniel, who heads up the program, is the only pediatric-trained interventional radiologist in northeast Ohio.

“Dr. McDaniel’s training, coupled with the advanced technology of our new interventional radiology procedure suite, allows us to offer our patients a wide range of new treatment options that are less invasive,” said Dr. Michael Rubin, chairman of Radiology at Akron Children’s.

Interventional radiology is a minimally invasive way of assessing disease and delivering targeted treatments. It’s routinely used to perform needle biopsies, place feeding and drainage tubes, as well as peripherally-inserted central venous catheters.

Guided by imaging tools such as fluoroscopy (x-ray), computed tomography (CT), and ultrasound, Dr. McDaniel can offer alternative options to traditional surgery with less risk, less pain and faster recovery times.

Pediatric patients of all ages – from newborns to teens – with cancer, cardiac disease, liver disease, kidney disease or gastrointestinal problems can benefit from procedures under the umbrella of interventional radiology. Dr. McDaniel works closely with the hospital’s plastic surgeons caring for children with vascular anomalies and collaborates with the hospital’s pediatric general surgeons on a wide variety of cases.  

With no more than about 200 physicians in her specialty in the world, Dr. McDaniel feels fortunate she was exposed to interventional radiology rotations in medical school and residency at the University of Cincinnati.

“First, I was really drawn to pediatrics, but I also  loved the aspect of radiology that was about ‘reading the clues’ and ‘solving the case,’” Dr. McDaniel said. “Additionally, I like doing procedures and working with my hands. Pediatric interventional radiology ties all these interests together – with the added reward of helping kids feel better.”



The remodeling of the 4th floor of Akron Children’s main hospital building began last July and also included adding 1,900 square footage of space for a new neurosurgery OR and intraoperative MRI.

he centerpiece of the interventional radiology suite is a $1.2 million angiography unit with a large mobile arm that allows Dr. McDaniel to get the clear images she needs of even the smallest devices in any organ system of even the smallest patients. She guides her work on a 60” monitor that can be divided into different screens – just in case a patient is able to be awake for a procedure and wants to watch a cartoon or favorite TV show.