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AultCare and Akron Children’s Hospital team up to support Behavioral Health and Addiction Services programs

03-07-2019 (Akron, Ohio )

AultCare is supporting the work of the professionals in Behavioral Health and Addiction Services at Akron Children’s Hospital through a financial commitment over the next four years.

The AultCare gift can be used by Akron Children’s to cover costs in areas of greatest need in both Behavioral Health and Addiction Services.

Akron Children’s Hospital relies on support such as AultCare’s to accomplish its mission to provide quality patient care to vulnerable children, advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves, promote health and wellness in the communities they serve, and invest in research to improve children’s health.

The Akron Children’s Hospital mission blends nicely with AultCare’s mission of “leading our community to improved health.” It also fits with AultCare’s community-wide effort to promote mental, emotional and physical well-being through its “You Matter” campaign. 

According to Mike Gallina, AultCare’s Vice President of Organizational Development and Community Engagement, this partnership is one of vision and synergy.

“AultCare’s commitment to local community organizations is part of our founding principles,” he said. “A fundamental reason AultCare was created was to find ways to support our local businesses, schools, social agencies and healthcare providers. This new partnership allows us to broaden our impact. With the expansion of Akron Children’s Hospital programming into North Canton and Massillon, it allows us to further our mission while supporting one of the most treasured gifts we have in life: our children. With Akron Children’s Hospital as a teammate, we can make a difference in the lives of our children who need mental health and addiction services.”

“Children and teens thrive when we address all aspects of their heath – both physical and mental,” said Grace Wakulchik, President and CEO of Akron Children’s Hospital. “We’re so grateful for the support of AultCare in funding essential programs offered by Behavioral Health and Addiction Services.”

Akron Children’s Hospital’s Behavioral Health department specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of emotional and behavioral disorders affecting children, teens and their families, while the Addiction Services program employs a three-phased approach to help adolescents and young adults battle opioid abuse and addiction.