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Akron Children’s Hospital now offers rheumatology services in Medina

03-05-2018 (Akron, Ohio )

Akron Children’s Hospital now offers pediatric rheumatology services in Medina.

Pediatric Rheumatologist Dr. Kathryn Phillippi is now seeing patients at Akron Children’s Hospital Specialty Care Office at 3443 Medina Road. She will be available for appointments on Thursdays several times a month.

“We understand patient families require convenient and timely access to quality healthcare — that’s why we’ve made it our goal,” said Candace Zalick, director of operations for Akron Children’s Department of Pediatrics. “We know families are traveling with strollers, diaper bags and many times other siblings. Bringing rheumatology services to their neighborhood takes the burden off the patient family.”

Akron Children’s Division of Rheumatology diagnoses and treats infants, children and teens with inflammation in the body caused by autoimmune diseases. Specific conditions the division treats include juvenile idiopathic arthritis, rheumatic fever, enthesitis or spondyloarthritis, Kawasaki syndrome, scleroderma, lupus, vasculitis and uveitis. The staff also is actively involved in researching new methods and medications for treating many of these diseases.

The building offers free parking and easy access. To make an appointment, call 330-543-8574.