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Akron Children’s Hospital to expand services in Massillon

Artist Rendering: Akron Children's Hospital Massillon

09-11-2018 (Ohio)

Construction is underway for an Akron Children’s Hospital office located at 1149 Lincoln Way East in Massillon. The existing building is being configured to house multiple Akron Children’s services – with a planned opening of May 7, 2019. The 14,000 square-foot facility will include these services:

Primary Care

This location will be a new office for Akron Children’s Hospital Pediatrics, which cares for patients from birth through age 21. When the office opens, it will be staffed by a board-certified pediatrician and a pediatric-trained nurse practitioner, who will provide a range of services including treatment for illness and injury, immunizations, annual wellness visits and chronic disease management.  They will be supported by a staff of pediatric nurses, medical assistants and an operations manager. Over time, the office will include a pediatric mental health expert to work alongside the pediatricians as concerns such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, behavioral issues and positive parenting are of increasing concern to families.

Pediatric Rehabilitative Services

Akron Children’s will also have pediatric physical, occupational and speech therapists at this office to assist children recovering from an array of injuries, illnesses, diseases and disabilities.

“In many cases, children have therapy appointments weekly or even several times a week, so having the therapists close to home is a convenience we know parents appreciate,” said Mary Marino, director of Rehabilitative Services.

In addition to physical therapy, the office will also have sports rehabilitation. Akron Children’s offers the only pediatric-focused sports rehabilitation program in northeast Ohio. Young athletes receive comprehensive care and customized treatment plans to help them safely resume the sports and activities they enjoy.

In the future, Akron Children’s has plans to bring pediatric audiology services to this location. The onsite audiology team has special training in diagnosing and treating hearing loss in children. The team’s goals are to identify hearing loss as early as possible, provide access to age-appropriate hearing devices, and coordinate follow-up care and evaluation for patients.

“Akron Children’s is no stranger to Stark County – with primary, specialty and rehabilitative services in multiple locations,” said Ben Teske, director of operations for Akron Children’s Hospital Pediatrics. “Most of our services are concentrated in North Canton, so we’re looking forward to expanding to Massillon. Especially for patients who need ongoing therapy or treatment, getting exceptional care close to home is invaluable.”