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Viral Culture, Non-Respiratory

Centralized Core Laboratory : Chemistry

Test ID/Workstation :
Specimen Type:
Body fluid, Rectal swab or stool, CSF, Tissue, Conjunctiva
Tube Type:
Sterile container or M4 Viral Transport Media (VTM)
Collection Volume:
Body fluid or CSF: 1 mL, Stool 5 g. in sterile container or rectal swab in M4 Viral Transport Media (VTM), Tissue biopsy 5 mm in M4 VTM, or Conjunctiva swab in M4 VTM
Cause for Rejection:
Gel swab, swab with wood handle, E-swab Blood Serum, bile (toxic) Deep seated tissues, Lymph nodes, Synovial fluid, Bone marrow/bone tissue, Wound swabs, Tissue swabs, Pus, abscess and/or drainage material
Sent to Reference Laboratory
Cell Culture
Special Instructions:
Viruses that can be detected in cell culture are: Adenovirus, CMV, enterovirus, HSV, and VZV. - A positive result indicates that virus was present in the specimen submitted. Clinical correlation is necessary to determine the significance of this finding. - Negative results may be seen in a number of situations including absence of viral disease, inability of the virus to grow in culture (examples of organisms not detected by culture include Epstein-Barr virus, rubella virus, and papilloma virus), and nonviable organisms submitted.
15 days
Additional Info:
Reference Value- Negative. If positive, virus is identified.
CPT Code:
87252 (Culture) 87176 (Tissue processing if appropriate), 87253 (Virus identification, if appropriate), 87254 (Viral smear if appropriate)