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Congratulations on finishing your personal plan. Here are some tips to stay on track with the change you want to make:

  • Check your progress every day. Remind yourself of why you set your goal and the old habit you are trying to change. Reviewing your accomplishments helps keep you on target to make the change you want — and it can prevent you from slipping up. You might want to keep a diary of your progress.
  • Be realistic. Everyone's different. Focus on what's right for you, not what someone else thinks you should do. Be sure your new habit is one that fits into your daily routine easily.
  • If you slipped up, forgive yourself and think about why. Not every day will be perfect. If you slip, try to figure out what's going on. What made you avoid doing what you planned? Can you do it now? Or do you need to make a new plan? If you get off track (which everyone does sometimes), don't worry about it. Just get back on it again as soon as you can!
  • Know when to reach out for support and reinforcement, and to whom. If you're not getting the help you need from friends and family, talk to them — or find other people who can help you get what you need.
  • Give yourself some praise! Think about how much closer you are to reaching your goal.

Once you've made this change a routine part of your life, pick another thing to work on. Then another. Small, simple accomplishments can add up to big changes.

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Reviewed by: Mary L. Gavin, MD
Date Reviewed: 04-11-2015

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