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What Can I Do About Colic?

My doctor says that my baby may have colic. What can I do to ease his constant crying?

Taking care of a baby with colic can be exhausting and often frustrating. Doctors still aren't sure exactly what causes colic, but trying these tips might make it easier on your baby — and on you:

  • walk or rock your baby
  • place your baby in a swing or take him or her for a ride in the car
  • burp the baby more often
  • place the baby across your lap while rubbing his or her back
  • play music for your baby
  • talk to the doctor about changing your feeding technique to decrease colic, such as feeding your baby in a more upright position
  • if you breastfeed, consider changing your diet (consult your doctor)
  • if you formula feed, ask the pediatrician about making any formula changes
  • if your baby is 2 months or younger, swaddle your baby (making sure that your baby has enough room to bend the hips and knees, and to move the legs freely)

Most important, make sure you console your baby. You won't be "spoiling" him or her or giving your child too much attention. Instead, you'll be showing your child that you respond to his or her needs. And remember, as exhausting and frustrating as colic is, it's only temporary.

Reviewed by: Rupal Christine Gupta, MD
Date Reviewed: 01-04-2016

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