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Kids Talk About: Coaches

"Firm, But Not Strict"

Emily, 11, said a good coach is "someone who is firm, but not strict, who respects our privacy and feelings, and teaches us good things." If she's a coach someday, she says: "I would encourage everyone, treat everyone equally, and make sure everyone comes to training, but if they didn't I wouldn't be harsh."

Forrest, 12, said good coaches watch out for injuries — both physically and mentally. The best lesson he's learned from a coach is that staying fit is the key to success.

M., 12, said he learned this great lesson from a coach: "Never lose hope. Keep trying and make a game of it."

Kellie, 9, said a good coach will "sit down and help someone if they're stuck." She said her coach taught her how to be a great swimmer.

Katy, 11, likes to have fun, but a coach who says, "Just have fun!" can be both good and bad, she said. "I once had a coach who did not care about winning, so every practice he would give us a drill to do," Katy said. "Even if we were horrible at the drill, he would still say we were great and he wouldn't even tell us how to improve."

Jude, 9, said his dad is a coach and taught him to "keep my eye on the football and receive it."

Lizzy, 11, said a coach taught her a lesson about being jealous of someone else's talent. She was jealous of a friend who could swim really fast. "My coach showed me that I had to work for what I wanted and helped me reach my goal."

Deja, 11, said coaches need kindness, discipline, fairness, respect, support, and good sportsmanship. But it's a two-way street: Coaches need to be supportive, but kids need to listen and cooperate with the coach.

"Fun and Loving"

Ally, 12, is a skater. She said good coaches are strict, but also "fun and loving." She says, "I think you have to be a kind and caring person and not someone who just says: 'Kid, do this or else.' "

KaRa, 11, said her coach taught her to always do her best.

Cobi, 10, said a good coach would "be nice even if the team wins or loses. Still be happy, the game is supposed to be fun." The best lesson he learned from a coach is: "If I lose, it does not mean I am no good or lousy. And I do not need to get mad or upset if I lose." If Cobi was a coach he'd let everyone play, even the players who are not the best. "That's how they will become better."

Kelly, 11, said her coach taught her to: "Never give up, eat right, and be prepared." If she's ever a coach, she would tell the team: "Make sure you do your best, no less (thank you, Mr. Jones, for that phrase)."

Shakara, 12, said her coach taught her: "You have to play hard to succeed." If she's ever a coach, she'll tell them it's OK to lose sometimes.

Chaza, 9, said a good coach would tell you how you need to improve, but also give you positive comments.

Camille, 11, said a good coach is understanding. If she's ever a coach, her team will practice a lot but she won't stress them out!

Andrew, 11, said a good coach teaches everyone and lets everyone play. His coach taught him to "always concentrate and learn."

Kasia, 10, said a good coach gives everyone a chance to play.

"Try Your Best"

Hannah, 11, doesn't like a coach who yells. "I've seen coaches who yell at every little mistake a player makes. I can tell those players aren't having a good time." She learned a great lesson from her basketball coach this year. He told the team to "try your best and not care about winning." They started out losing every game, but ended up winning a tournament!

Arianna, 12, said a good coach "encourages you to try your hardest." The best thing a coach ever taught her was how to jump over hurdles. "They're really hard." If she's ever a coach, Arianna will motivate her team by "crankin' some tunes."

Chloe, 12, said her coach taught her to be a good swimmer. If she's ever a coach, Chloe would have them "train hard and no slacking," but she'd talk through any problems they were having.

Anfernee, 12, said a good coach would teach the team new things. He said his coach taught him how to hit a baseball.

Peta, 11, said a good coach doesn't yell, but encourages the team. She said the best lesson a coach taught her was: "It's not about winning or losing. It's about having fun."

Jesus, 12, likes a coach who's supportive and willing to get involved. "If we were playing a game, he should jump in to make it funner."

Christine, 11, said a good coach is caring, pays attention, and is not too strict.

Rabia, 12, said her coach taught her: "We must be fully motivated and must believe in what we are doing and especially fight for victory in every issue of life."

Faith, 10, said a good coach doesn't yell much and handles kids nicely. If she's ever a coach, she would tell them "to find their own motivation."

Sue, 7, said a good coach lets them play games outside.

Keli, 12, said she learned these lessons from a coach: "In each game, a lesson is learned. Push yourself to the max. You have to earn your spot on the team."

Never Give Up

Jeorgi, 12, said a good coach is a leader who teaches kids to never give up.

Darrika, 11, said it takes a lot of patience to be a good coach. The best lesson her coach taught her was: "Always stick with your goal."

Sara, 12, said coaches need to be in charge, but they also need to know how to have fun. "Everyone will quit if they're having a miserable time." Her coach taught her: "No matter what you're up against, always play with your heart. Never give up and always do your best."

Joss, 11, said she learned this lesson from her coach: "Keep trying and never give up. You're bound to get it."

Nicole, 9, said a good coach has a "good temper." If she's ever a coach, she'll buy her team ice cream when they show teamwork.

Brandi, 10, said her coach taught her how to be a better batter. "I was swinging at mostly everything and I wasn't holding the bat right." She said a good coach knows how to have fun and isn't too competitive.

Jessie, 12, is a tennis player. She likes a coach who is good at teaching, but also funny. "My coach is the funniest person you will ever meet, mainly because he is from another country and his accent is really strong. So when he says something like "erricane" instead of "hurricane," me and my bud just bust out laughin'!"

Garett, 10, said he learned this lesson from his coach: "There's no 'I' in team."

Caitlin, 10, said she learned this lesson from her coach: "Do the best you can do and no one or nothing is perfect."

Nina, 11, said she learned a lesson about practicing her karate. When she didn't practice, she didn't win any awards. "Now I have learned that I should always practice," she said.

Michelle, 12, said the best lesson she learned from a coach was: "That I'm just a kid and that's OK and that I only have 2 jobs in the whole world. One is to do well in school and the other is to have fun each and every day no matter what."

Rashi, 10, said a good coach will have patience and expertise with kids.

Reviewed by: Mary L. Gavin, MD
Date Reviewed: 04-11-2015

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