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Family Support: Chaplaincy Services

Our full-time and on-call chaplains, as well as volunteers from many faith traditions, are available to you and your family during suffering and loss, as well as times of celebration. We offer active listening, presence, prayer and religious rites.

Chaplaincy Services helps you make connections to whatever sustains you spiritually, as well as finding meaning in the hospitalization experience. Where religion is present, we seek to help people experience the reality of God's presence and love in their lives.

Our chaplains will respect your dignity and privacy and will not impose religious beliefs or practices. We are caring listeners. You decide the subject and depth of any conversation you choose to have.

Akron Children’s Hospital is a multicultural and religiously diverse institution that respects and advocates for your rights. Witness to sacred texts is expressed in holistic ministry to your emotional and spiritual needs.

We also recognize and respond to the inter-relatedness of the whole person by providing you with an atmosphere of concern. Through caring presence during significant moments, your dignity and the sacredness of the gift of human life is affirmed.

Anyone may request a visit – a patient, family member, your church, your nurse, your doctor or another member of the hospital staff. In an emergency, you may ask a staff member to page a chaplain.

We have chapels at our Akron and Beeghly campuses, as well as a meditation room in the Kay Jewelers Pavilion at our Akron campus. All are open 24 hours a day for meditation and prayer.

For more information:

330-543-8254 Dial "0" from a hospital phone for the on-call chaplain.