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Research Institute Grand Rounds Visiting Professor Series

Hosted by the Rebecca D. Considine Research Institute, the Visiting Professor Series is a quarterly learning and networking opportunity designed to increase research awareness and acumen at Akron Children’s and facilitate collaboration with regional and national pediatric research leaders.

The Research Institute welcomes Laura Strom, MD, an Epileptologist at the University of Colorado, with a special interest in functional neurological disorders (FND), specifically diagnosing and treating non-epileptic seizures (NES).  She is also the director of the Functional Neurological Disorders clinic at the University of Colorado, which is one of only a handful of these clinics in the United States.  Dr. Strom currently sits on the board of directors for the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado (EFCO). She is also a member and Fellow of the American Epilepsy Society (FAES) and a member of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN).


  1. Describe and identify characteristics which are commonly associated with NES
  2. Identify emerging theories which describe etiology of NES
  3. Describe key elements of group treatment approach in an NES treatment clinic, and understand the utility of this approach with regard to sustainability

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