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Reiki is a non-invasive, energy-healing modality for stress reduction, relaxation, and healing that was developed in Japan. Reiki can also help reduce chronic pain, anxiety, fatigue, reduce symptoms and side effects of medications, and serve as a supportive recovery modality after illness or injury.

In this course, you will learn the sacred symbols, hand positions, Byosen scanning to determine where Reiki is needed, and how to practice Reiki long-distance by way of lecture, discussion, and hands-on practice led by Penny Pickrell, RMT.

Please make sure to bring your Reiki 1 Certification and manual with you. Dress comfortably and bring lunch and a drink with you as this session is the most intense and time consuming until you take Master Certification. The course will close with attunement and certification, and CEUs are available. The fee for this course is $195.

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