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The Piano-a-thon is an exciting annual event traditionally held at Akron Children’s Hospital in the beautiful atrium lobby. Piano-a-thon is the primary fund raiser for the John C. & Elaine Thompson Endowment for Music Therapy. Your generosity helps support the Akron Children's Hospital Palliative Care Unit and Music Therapy Center. All monies raised between now and August 31, 2020, will support the 2020 Piano-a-thon.

Students of all ages from Northeast Ohio participate and play from a few minutes to forty-five minutes or even longer. The teachers assist the students in preparing their programs. The length of Piano-a-thon is determined by the number of students and the length of their programs. It is held in early June once students are out of school. 

The performers will be recording their performances in their homes. These videos will be posted on the Piano-a-thon Facebook page each day. 

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