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Pediatric Palliative Care Curriculum

Dec 5*  
Topic/title:   Integrated Therapies – Reiki and more
Speaker: R. Esther Lutes, MD
  *Sherman Auditorium


January 9  
Topic/title:   Self-Care, Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) and Practical Tips 
Speaker:  Stephanie Allen, MSN
February 6  
Topic/title:  FTC/FCC/Perinatal/Resources – Precious Parents and more
Speaker:  Nancy Carst, LISW-S, CT, Kristina Fey, CFNP, Alisha Hostetler, CFNP
March 6  
Topic/title: Communication
Speaker:  Cassandra Hirsh, DO
April 3*  
Topic/title:   Spirituality
Speaker:   Matt Tweddle, Chaplain
  *Sherman Auditorium
May 1  
Topic/title: Cultural Diversity, Caregivers and families
Speaker: Carole Becerra (Sarah Friebert, MD – captain)
June 5  
Topic/title:   End of Life/Near Death Experiences and Practical Situations
Speaker:  Nancy Carst, LISW-S, CT and Cathy Kelly-Langen, MD
  * Sherman Auditorium


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