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CANCELED OR POSTPONED: Pediatric Palliative Care Curriculum



NOTE: These sessions have been temporarily suspended.
Feb. 5  
Topic/title: Death, Dying and Bereavement within the Amish and Mennonite Cultures
Speaker: Matt Tweddle, MDiv, BCC
March 4  
Topic/title: Chronic Sorrow
Speaker: Denise Powers-Fabian, LISW-S
April 1  
Topic/title: Connecting Families and the Community ~ Community-Based Palliative Care
Speaker: Daniel Phillips, CNP and Anna Stansbury, RN
May 6  
Topic/title: Communicating with the Adolescent Patient
Speaker: Cassandra Hirsh, DO, Katie Cicozi, MD and Seon Wook Lee, MD
June 3  
Topic/title: Planning for End of Life in a Pediatric-Centered Environment
Speaker: Anne Elliott, MD
July 1  
Topic/title: Health Psychology for the Mind and Body ~ Integrative Medicine and more
Speaker: Laura Gerak, PhD
Aug. 5  
Topic/title: An Unexpected or Unknown Diagnosis: Caring for and providing Tools to Help the Family Understand and Cope
Speaker: Cathy Kelly-Langen, MD and Denise Zehner, LISW
Sept. 2  
Topic/title: Disenfranchised Grief ~ Supporting Patient Families After a Loss
Speaker: Laura Gerak, PhD and Nancy Carst, LISW-S
Oct. 7  
Topic/title: Addiction Services: Getting Treatment and Living through the Stigma
Speaker: Sarah Friebert, MD
Nov. 4  
Topic/title: Staff Wellness and Spirituality
Speaker: Laura Gerak, Ph D and Matt Tweddle
Dec. 2  
Topic/title: A Day in the Life of a Palliative Care Patient at Akron Children’s ~ The Palliative Care Thread Weaves through many from the Beginning
Speaker: Alisha Hostetler, APRN and Tina Fey, APRN


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