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Energized Toward Healing Bereaved Parent Series

We invite parents who have lost a child to participate in our Thursday evening parent grief support series. Our hope is that the information and support from other parents will help to energize you toward healing. We know that every parent's experience with grief is different, but we want to offer sources of experience and empathy to help along the way. Sharing our stories, our concerns, our issues and our adversity is one of the ways people have helped each other through grief. Coming together with other parents who have been there allows us the possibility of learning from each other. Of course no one who attends is required to talk.

This is a closed group designed to help create a community for bereaved parents only. Registration is required. There is no fee for this program.

We will offer two one-hour virtual/phone sessions.

To register, please contact Nancy Carst at 330-543-3343


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