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2018 Employee Health Screenings - MV

Free Health Fitness health screenings, valued at $47 per employee, will be provided throughout the year so you can acquire your latest biometric data for the HRA. When you attend a health screening, your biometrics are uploaded into your completed Health Risk Asessment (HRA) within 24-48 hours making you eligible for a financial wellness incentive in early 2019. If you are unable to take part in one of the on-site health screenings, your physician can complete the 2018 Alternate Means Form (AMS Form) with your biometrics and submit it directly to Health Fitness before Dec. 31, 2018. Screenings are typically recommended once a year for most healthy adults. To earn the $100 financial wellness incentive, you must complete both a health screening and the HRA before Dec. 31.  AMS forms can now be directly uploaded to the Health Fitness web site. Health Fitness Corp. provides these free screenings for Children’s employees for blood pressure, cholesterol (including total cholesterol, HDL, LDL and triglycerides), resting heart rate, body mass index and blood glucose level. Twelve-hour fasting is highly recommended (though not required) for the blood tests. After your screenings are complete, Health Fitness Corp. will enter the results into your 2018 health risk assessment (HRA). We recommend that you take advantage of these free health screenings, because "knowing your numbers" is an essential first step in setting and meeting your wellness goals.

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