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Basic Life Support - Akron

Akron Children’s Hospital uses the HeartCode BLS Part 1 as part of our BLS CPR for Healthcare Providers program. HeartCode BLS is a web-based, self-paced instructional program that uses eSimulation technology to allow students to assess and treat patients in virtual healthcare settings. HeartCode Part 1 is pre-course work and must be completed by the student before attending a skill challenge session. This course is for students taking the course for the first time or those needing a refresher course. When students attend the hands-on skills testing session, they will practice and then test off their skills with an AHA Instructor. During the testing session there will be no prompting or coaching. Student manuals may be purchased on

Course Requirements for Successful Completion:

  1. Register for a skill challenge session -- you must be registered to attend.
  2. Complete BLS HeartCode Part 1 - Go to and complete the AHA Heartcode BLS (15-1400) for $28.50. Once completed, print the completion certificate.  You will need it to attend the skill session.
  3. Attend skill challenge session. You will practice and then perform a hands-on skill session.
  4. Receive completion card within 20 business days of course.

Please note: All cancellations for courses must be received by e-mail to no later than 5 business days of your scheduled skill challenge.If your cancellation is not received in time, you will be charged the full $65.

 BLS HeartCode Part 1

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