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Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Course - Akron

Akron Children's Hospital uses HeartCode ACLS Part 1 as part of Akron Children's ACLS Program. HeartCode ACLS provides computer-based simulations to “virtually” assess and formulate treatment for patients. HeartCode Part 1 is pre-course work and must be completed by the student before attending a skill challenge session. This course is for students needing a Provider or a Refresher course.

Course Requirements for Successful Completion:

  1. Register for a skills challenge session - you must be registered to attend.
  2. Complete HeartCode ACLS Part 1. After registering for a Skill Challenge session, you will receive your online access code and instructions by e-mail one month prior to the Skill Session date you selected in order to complete the pre-course work.
  3. Attend skill challenge session - You must bring Part 1 Completion Certificate with you to attend
  4. Complete final evaluation; receive completion card

Please note: All cancellations for courses must be received by e-mail to no later than 5 business days of your scheduled skill challenge. If your cancellation is not received in time, you will not receive a refund.

 HeartCode ACLS Course

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