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Weight Management Clinic

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We provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment for children and teens who are overweight. Our team includes a pediatrician with a special interest in childhood weight management, nurse practitioner, dietitian, exercise physiologist and pediatric psychologist. Together, we will address the medical, psychological, nutritional and fitness aspects of your child’s weight issue.

We have one focus: kids.

When it comes to weight management, every child’s needs are different. Obesity can be affected by a number of components, including diet, physical activity and psychological factors. We use a personalized approach to support your child for success in both losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle long term.

Typically, we see children and teens who are in the 85th percentile for BMI, but any child with a possible weight concern can receive services.

What to expect.

Our program lasts 8 months. During this time, your child will be seen each month for 2 hours, spending 20-30 minutes with each team member.

Your visits will include an initial intake session and 6 follow-up clinics to help ensure your child is making progress toward his or her weight management goals. At the eighth visit, we'll re-evaluate your child to determine the next steps in treatment.

Our program is focused on teaching lifelong healthy eating and exercise habits for overweight children, teens and their families. That's why we stress the importance of making household changes in diet and exercise, as well as the importance of role modeling from parents.

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Weight Management Clinic
Akron Children's Hospital
214 W. Bowery Street
(Orange Elevators) Suite 6400
Akron, Ohio 44308
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Our Doctors/Providers

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Geoffrey Putt, PsyD

Director, Outpatient Therapy Services; Pediatric Psychologist


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