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We are experiencing exceptionally high volumes in our emergency rooms.
Every patient is important to us, and we are doing all we can to provide care quickly and efficiently.
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Includes specialty programs: Fetal Treatment Center / Maternal Fetal Medicine

High-Risk Pregnancy

Akron Children’s Hospital specializes in the care and treatment of mothers-to-be who are experiencing a high-risk condition as well as the care and treatment of fetuses who are experiencing high-risk issues. If you are pregnant and have a high-risk condition, you will be seen by our Maternal Fetal Medicine Team. If your baby is experiencing a high-risk condition, you will be seen by the Fetal Treatment Team:

Department Main Image

Our Doctors/Providers


Katherine Wolfe, DO, FACOG

Chair, Maternal-Fetal Medicine; Director, Diabetes and Pregnancy Program; Maternal-Fetal Specialist

Nurse Practitioners/Physician Assistants:

Jennifer Luli, MSN, APRN-CNP

Certified Women's Health Nurse Practitioner


Sue Nicholas, MSN, APRN-CNP

Certified Women's Health Nurse Practitioner


If you’re struggling with worry, sadness or other negative feelings during or after pregnancy, we have on-site psychologists to help you cope with difficult thoughts and feelings.

Our team of psychologists specialize in treating moms with:

  • High-risk pregnancies
  • Patients with serious medical or physical problems
  • Teenage pregnancy and motherhood
  • Postpartum depression and/or anxiety

Are you:

  • Having difficulty concentrating or making decisions?
  • Feeling worried, anxious or overwhelmed?
  • Feeling sad, hopeless or crying a lot?
  • Experiencing mood swings, irritability or anger?
  • Feeling fatigued, having trouble sleeping or experiencing changes in appetite?
  • Feeling out of control?
  • Having thoughts of hurting yourself or your child(ren)?
  • Having difficulty bonding with your baby?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, contact your medical provider or talk with NICU staff, to discuss a referral to one of our on-site psychologists, or call 330-543-4500.

Additional resources:

If you are in suicidal crisis, please call or text 988 or visit the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.



Referrals are initiated by a provider-to-provider discussion. Please ask your provider to call: 330-543-4500

Some of the Conditions We Treat...

high risk pregnancy, pre-eclampsia, diabetes, pregnant, high blood pressure, fetal distress, fetal anomaly, pre-natal diagnosis, genetic defect, pre-natal care

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