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High-Risk Pregnancy

Includes specialty programs: Fetal Treatment Center / Maternal Fetal Medicine

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Akron Children’s Hospital specializes in the care and treatment of mothers-to-be who are experiencing a high-risk condition as well as the care and treatment of fetuses who are experiencing high-risk issues. If you are pregnant and have a high-risk condition, you will be seen by our Maternal Fetal Medicine Team. If your baby is experiencing a high-risk condition, you will be seen by the Fetal Treatment Team:

Our Doctors/Providers

Jennifer Ahn
Jennifer Ahn, MD, FACOG

Director, OB Ultrasound and Antenatal Testing Center; Perinatologist

Stephen Bacak
Stephen Bacak, DO, MPH


Harriet Feick
Harriet Feick, MD

Associate Director, Fetal Treatment Center; Neonatologist

Melissa Mancuso
Melissa Mancuso, MD, FACOG

Chair, Maternal Fetal Medicine; High-Risk Obstetrician

Susan Nicholas
Sue Nicholas, MSN, RN, RNC-MNN

Women's Health Clinical Nurse Practitioner

Katherine Wolfe
Katherine Wolfe, DO

Director, Diabetes and Pregnancy Program; Perinatologist


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