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Executive Functioning Skills Building Program

We help school-age children with executive functioning deficits like organization, time management, and setting and achieving goals. Through individual and family therapy, our short-term training program will give your child the tools he needs to help him initiate and complete tasks, problem-solve, and control his behaviors and emotions.

Helping kids achieve goals.

We will help your child learn practical ways to improve skills related to memory, planning, organization, emotional regulation, and time management. You'll also learn adjustments you can make at home, such as creating a homework area free of distractions or finding ways to keep your child motivated.

Our program is designed for kids ages 10 to 16 years, with or without a diagnosis of ADHD. Your child may benefit from this program if she:

  • Completes her homework but forgets to turn it in on a regular basis.
  • Has trouble completing multi-step directions.
  • Is unable to set and complete goals.
  • Has trouble working within reasonable time constraints.
  • Always seems to be late, rushing and missing the school bus and appointments.
  • Is viewed as “smart, but scattered” with such poor organizational skills that grades and home life are impacted.

Matching the treatment module to your child.

Before beginning the program, parents complete rating scales measuring their child’s executive functioning skills and how deficits may be affecting family life. Children 11 years or older also complete rating scales to provide their perspectives on how they are struggling.

Based on the rating scales, we will match your child with the appropriate modules:

  • Emotional Regulation – Expressing feelings appropriately to achieve goals
  • Inhibition – The ability to stop a behavior at the appropriate time
  • Initiation – Starting tasks independently and staying motivated
  • Planning/Organization – Setting and reaching goals and staying organized
  • Self-monitoring – Understanding how behaviors impact others
  • Shift – Adapting to changes in their schedule or routine
  • Task Management – Assessing the quality of their work and managing time effectively
  • Working Memory – Recalling important information and being able to follow multiple-step directions

Symptoms that cause ongoing problems in how your child functions at home or school may be covered by insurance plans with mental health benefits or Medicaid. Check with your insurance provider to verify coverage. 

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