When to Call the Doctor

New parents tend to worry about everything having to do with their baby — especially if it’s their first. Each new sound, movement or facial expression is a new opportunity for concern. But rest assured, babies have many of the same bodily reactions you do.

It’s normal for baby to hiccup, sneeze, burp and spit. Crying spells are common, especially for some infants with more challenging temperaments. Babies might even turn red and strain to pass a bowel movement.

None of these are indications of illness — in fact, they’re all very normal for young infants.

However, you should call your doctor about some conditions, such as persistent diaper rash that doesn’t ease with frequent changes; eye discharge; thrush (white patches in the mouth); constipation; diarrhea; vomiting; or a cough or cold. Since these conditions aren’t life-threatening, if you notice them late in the day, it’s safe to wait until the next morning to call the doctor.

There are situations in young infants, especially those younger than 3 months of age, which require immediate attention. Please call your physician immediately if you are confronted with the following situations:

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