September’s outlook – very busy and very blessed

2013-10-09 16:06:28 by Sarah Plant, Patient Family, as posted on the blog.

Sept--2013-calendarWell, we’ve turned the calendar page to September at our house. I knew that I had been writing a lot of things on there, but I didn’t realize just how many until I actually flipped the page and saw what looked like a mess of scribbles.

I had to laugh a little as I looked, remembering a blog I wrote a year or so ago about how Autumn used to signal things getting back to a routine for Chris and I, but that Fall it was full of all sorts of things.

This year is going to be even busier…but at least we’re going to be busy doing fun, exciting and interesting things.

It all begins with a slew of OB appointments for me (at 29 weeks I’ve started seeing my doctor every two weeks, along with our high-risk doctor every three or four, and getting a weekly Progesterone injection that we’re hoping keeps this baby’s delivery a little closer to its due date than Bekah was).

It also continues with Bekah’s (probably) last therapy appointment and a six-month cardiology appointment with Dr. Vande Kappelle.

Then, add in our regular church activities, and a baseball game and a dentist appointment, and our calendar is already starting to look like Bekah was making pictures on it with one of the markers we always think we have hidden but she finds a way to dig out anyhow.

Then, add in the other, less regular things—the things that only happen once a year—the things that we have on our calendar because we don’t want to miss them, because they mean enough that we’re happy to forego doing other things.

For instance, if you try to talk to us September 18-20th, you’ll have to do it to the background of the Miracles and Promises Radiothon because Bekah and I plan to listen to it each day from beginning to end.

Bekah at the Akron Zoo for the 2012 Walk for Babies to benefit Akron Children's NICU Bekah at the Akron Zoo for the 2012 Walk for Babies to benefit Akron Children's NICU

And, adding to that week, we’ve registered (and started taking donations…) for two walks that we had never heard of until Bekah was born—the American Heart Association Heart Walk, and the Walk for Babies that benefits Akron Children’s NICU.

The next calendar pages don’t seem any less filled, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Bekah has brought us into a very busy phase of life, but over the last few months there have been many times that Chris or I have commented that we’d be awful bored if we didn’t have her here to laugh with, chase around, and basically keep from infinite peril.

And hey, if you’re not too busy with a multi-colored, scribbled up calendar of your own, you can always join us at the Youngstown Heart Walk (we’re team “Fans of Bekah”) on Saturday, September 21, or the Walk for Babies at the Akron Zoo (we’re part of “Girls Dorm”) on Sunday, September 22, or better yet, both.

We’d love to make you part of Bekah’s team, or see you there on a team of your own!

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