Did you bring her medicine?

2012-05-01 11:17:35 by Sarah Plant, Patient Family, as posted on the inside.akronchildrens.org blog.

It’s been almost two months since Rebekah’s open heart surgery, and we’re still getting used to the new Rebekah. One of the biggest things I’ve had trouble getting used to is her lack of medication.

Last week, after almost six months of taking a variety of heart medications, Dr. Vande Kappelle decided that Bekah was ready to go heart med free. I was ecstatic, but I’ll admit, a little nervous.  In fact, around eight o’clock every morning and evening, I start to feel like I forgot to do something.  I look around, think for a little, and then remember…oh yes, it’s what used to be Captopril time…but Bekah doesn’t need heart medicine anymore.

The medicine she was on after surgery needed refrigerated, and so we’ve kept a spot on the second shelf open for the past two months, and it looks a little bare each time I peek in the refrigerator door. I’m so used to packing medicine in the diaper bag that there is a place that looks a little empty now. I’ve actually caught myself on more than one occasion getting ready to ask Chris if he’s packed her medicine before we go out of the house.

Before leaving Akron Children’s NICU back in January, one of my greatest fears was that I’d somehow forget to give Bekah medicine at some point. I had alarms set on my phone, Chris had them set on his, and we even set alarms around the house to remind us.

Why we went to all of this trouble, I’m not sure, since I almost always shut them all off a few minutes before they went off anyhow — there was no way we were going to miss giving her anything. Now, however, I look back and laugh. All of those fears about forgetting her medicine have us conditioned to anticipate medicine times, even when there aren’t any to give.

Now, when I find myself wondering what I forgot to give her, I stop and smile a little, remembering and enjoying the beautiful gift we’ve been given with a thankful heart.

Read the rest of Sarah and Rebekah’s story through her blog, Following Your Heart.

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