Close of summer, but starting new chapters

2012-09-26 08:26:40 by Megs Pollock, Patient Family, as posted on the blog.

If you ask anyone who knows me or somewhat knows me, they'll tell you that one of my favorite free time activities - behind spending time with my amazing husband and little man - is attending garage sales.

It's been a great season this year because I've been able to find treasures that help our little man grow and develop. Some items I purchased last year have come out of the closet because our peanut has shown interest in certain activities.

Jordan is the magnet king. He will sit and take them off and put them on, leave for a bit and come back then proceed to hold one up and say "This." As I began thinking of other ways of learning I remembered I had bought a Melissa and Doug barn door opening puzzle.

It has nine little doors that he pokes his little finger in to open and find wooden magnets with animals, a plane, or a little man sleeping on the hay. I'm pretty sure if he had the choice it would be the first item to grab in an emergency. His favorites are the cat, dog and little man.

We also pulled out blocks to see what kind of adventures we could have with them. We have worked and worked on getting him to try to stack two blocks. He enjoys pretending to stack, then pulls it close and gives a little giggle that he has tricked us again.

I found today I have purchased more books than I realized. Randy and I decided it was time to buy a shelf for his books because it's sometimes hard to find the glider in Jordan's room due to the books that surround it.

As I was organizing the books, I was surprised at the amount that filled the shelves. Jordan enjoys opening and closing, pointing to the pictures, and cuddling up for a great story. He also likes the ones that he can touch and feel.

A couple of weeks ago at our physical therapy appointment I mentioned to our therapist that Randy and I had attempted to have Jordan take stepping motions as we held his trunk. When he was in the mood he did pretty well at stepping with one foot then the next.

My goal was to ask when she thought we might talk about a walker. She must have read my mind because as soon as I mentioned the activity we tried she said I'll be right back and brought back three walkers for Jordan to try. So we strapped on his super boots and had him stand up with his new trial wheels.

He did pretty well for his first try. It's hard enough for a child with all of their muscles working to get steps down, but he has to try to move those little legs one by one, hold his body up with handles, and push a walker with wheels. I must say his puffs came through again. Our therapist supported his trunk and I was his carrot. He loves working for puffs.

Randy and I have been working with Jordan on going up and down our little hall, across the kitchen and standing at the refrigerator with his magnets. Again it really takes two of us unless I can invent a stick with a carrot to attach to the walker.

The therapist suggestion was to try a toy walker made by V-Tech that is similar to a pediatric walker only with toys and it gives room to step through. I had her show me a picture so I could keep my eyes open at a yard sale.

Last Saturday Randy and I planned to attend a local garage sale. I prayed that we would find the walker Jordan needed. Within 15 minutes we found exactly the one we were looking for, at $3 no less. God is so good.

Another new chapter has been potty training. This was an area that we weren't sure when we would face due to individuals with spina bifida having bowel and bladder complications.

In fact I found myself looking away when I would see little potty chairs as I do with cute little shoes. However, Dr. McMahon, Jordan's urologist, suggested we start to place Jordan on the potty after he eats to see how he does with going on the potty. Holy Moly!

It doesn't mean that we're out of the woods, he may eventually have to be catheterized, only time will tell. Again, we were shocked at his proposal not only because of Jordan's diagnosis, but he's 15 months old.

We took Dr. McMahon's suggestion and placed him on his little, big boy potty after he ate one day. Success!

Of course we aren't sure what he feels, and he really doesn't seem to have a clue as to why we're celebrating, but we'll take it. Right now we are in the process of developing a routine and training his body.

Our thought about having a gummy baby until he's 2 came to a close this weekend. Our little man finally broke out his first little tooth. We had a feeling it was coming at 5 months, 8 months, then gave up at 12. And here you go little mister, that meat will be processed a little faster in a few months.

Read more about Megs’ and Randy’s journey of raising a child with spina bifida through her blog, Labor of Love.

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