Jordan achieves milestones while enjoying family time

2012-01-26 07:10:48 by Megs Pollock, Patient Family, as posted on the blog.

We’ve enjoyed some exciting adventures as a family recently. Randy was offered Cleveland Cavaliers tickets from his work, so Jordan experienced his first Cavs game and a ride on a really tall escalator.

We had a weekend to ourselves and decided to spend the time together as a family. There was enough snow on the ground to introduce snow man and snow angel making. Jordan was dressed in his snow suit, hat, and gloves, then placed in his exersaucer inside of the garage.

Our Yorkie Shitzu mix, Sasha, was also included in the fun. Randy and I did the honors of building a quick snow man, then Jordan joined in. We placed him on the ground for his first snow angel. Yet again we missed the priceless look of… ‘Are you kidding me guys, this is cold.”

Jordan has accomplished some milestones as well. One area that we’ve been working on is rolling over. We had a feeling it may take a little longer because of some weakness in his lower body and the fact that tummy time is not one of his favorite times.

One day when Randy came home from basketball practice I asked him if he would spend some time with Jordan on his tummy. Being reluctant to cause any discomfort alone, we decided to have family tummy time. Sure enough our little man was about half way when we started encouraging him to complete the roll.

We clapped and cheered as he completed rolling from his tummy to his back. If only I had the camera out and ready for the “Guys what’s the big deal?” reaction.  We are still working on back to tummy. I’m not sure how soon it will come because he really dislikes being on his stomach.

We are so happy that he has been sitting up on his own. One of our favorite moves is when he is getting his balance as he weaves back and forth, up and down, then with a straight back and hands on his thighs. We caught him watching Wheel of Fortune sitting up nice and tall. We were waiting for him to say, “Pat, I’d like to solve the puzzle.”

I know - little steps.

Read more about Megs and Randy’s journey of raising a child with spina bifida through her blog, Labor of Love.

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