2012-01-17 14:49:50 by Sarah Plant, Patient Family, as posted on the blog.

Tonight after tucking Bekah in, Christopher asked if I was ready to go home and get some sleep.

Home. That’s a loaded word.  He meant the Ronald McDonald House, which has been a wonderful home for the past two months, but it made me think about OUR home.

It’s hard to imagine, but there are times that I’m not sure if I want to take Bekah home yet.  Here, there are nurses and doctors to answer all 5,000 questions I have in a day. There are all the things I’m used to and comfortable with (and Bekah is used to them too).

I understand how to use the monitor, the wall suction, the crib rails and all of the things that surround Bekah in the NICU.

Most of all though, we’ve come to love the people here. The people who smile at us from the information desk each morning, the cashiers in the cafeteria who ask each day how Bekah is doing, the people at the RMH and Akron Children's Reinberger Center, our doctors and nurses, and especially our caring and always thoughtful roommates have been such a tremendous part of the past nine weeks.

So, when people ask, “Aren’t you ready to go home?” it’s not a simple answer.

Yes, we’re ready to have her with us all day and all night. We’re as prepared as we can be for what life will be like as we wait for heart surgery. We’d love to snuggle with her and play with her in our own house…and yet, it’s a little scary to think of taking her out of the little cocoon she’s been in for her entire life…but I think we’re ready, just as soon as she is.

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