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2015-05-11 13:20:46 by Megs Pollock, Patient Family, as posted on the inside.akronchildrens.org blog.

Megs and Jordan before spica cast comes offWe had been counting down and looking forward to Jordan’s big day of having his cast removed.

To be honest, time flew. The last few mornings when he woke up, I’d say “Guess how many days?” He’d reply, “Oh, we need to put a puzzle piece on!”

The morning finally arrived and we had to celebrate with a dance party before we left for Doctor’s House. Without fail poor little Gabriella took a little spill and bonked her noggin into the corner of the cabinet. This girl has some tough genes like her brother.

So off we went to Akron Children’s Hospital, goose egg and all. Jordan’s monkey, Nick, came along as well to have his cast removed after Jordan.

Neither Randy nor I have ever had a cast or experienced seeing one removed so we were interested to see how Jordan’s little body would be set free. Will, an orthopedic tech, came in and explained how the machine would work as it would cut the cast but not his skin.

Jordan waiting for spica cast to be removedJordan isn’t typically a fan of loud noises so we weren’t sure how he would respond. However he was a champ as he held Randy’s hands over his ears as he was slowly cut from his hip spica cast.

Then came the moment of truth – the cracking open of little man’s legs after being restricted for 40 days. Randy and I tried to prepare for a stinky little boy with yucky skin, but to our surprise he looked great.

The sensation of the cast being removed was a little overwhelming for our littlest hero and being picked up for the first time and being able to hug and carry him was an amazing feeling. For 40 days we weren’t able to hug his little body. The relief was finally here and his x-rays looked great.

We’ll visit Dr. Adamczyk in a month to see how his hip is taking to the surgery. We pray this was a good idea and it will help Jordan keep functioning at a level without pain, with his body aligned properly.

His ankles also looked good. We’re hoping the surgery will decrease the amount of pull to keep pressure spots from arising as he wears his braces.

Gabriella and MegsThe first person he wanted to show his cast-off legs to was his biggest fan Gabriella. The love they share for each other is amazing.

Gabriella would frequently find Jordan’s drink and bring it to him, or share a snack, find his coat or bring a toy for him to play with. She has truly been a blessing to our family.

For our cast-off celebration Jordan requested to visit Chick Fila. Mind you it wasn’t necessarily for the chicken or fries, but to get a chance to drive the racecar in the play land. Randy maneuvered his way up with Jordan in hand as he was able to enjoy being cast free.

Before the surgery, we were told it may take 4-6 months to get back to where Jordan was prior to his surgery.  I had visions of our little boy having difficulty even finding his knees after being restricted for 40 days.

Jordan playing at Chick-fil-a after cast comes offWell, the afternoon after having his cast removed, Jordan found his knees, and while he winced with discomfort, he crawled. That’s right he crawled through his pain. He was mobile again. He even found the strength to have a little dance party in the kitchen when daddy came home to show off his moves.

Don’t get me wrong. He paid for his enthusiasm that evening. But we’re so thankful he’s able to let us know when he has pain or discomfort.

The next evening while at the dinner table, Gabriella spilled her yogurt during daddy duty. We had not set Jordan alone in a chair because of his hips being tight. Randy told Jordan he needed to sit while he assisted his sister.

Jordan looked around the room and said, “I’m sitting by myself…I’m sitting!”

Our little boy was back to his independent self, crawling around the house, picking on his sister, and taunting her, “You can’t get me, Gabriella. Come get me!”

Our next step in our journey is the day rehab program. Jordan will go to Akron Children’s day rehab program every day for about 6 weeks. We are so excited to get this little man on his feet again.

God has been faithful and will continue to lead us through this journey.

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