Jordanís final days in the NICU

2013-05-17 13:41:33 by Megs Pollock, Patient Family, as posted on the blog.

Jordan has one less tube today. The NG (feeding) tube came out because our neonatologist said we could feed the little guy on demand to try to increase his intake. We are really pushing to get the ok to get home.

We’ve had visits from the occupational, physical and speech therapists. Jordan’s head and neck control is a little weak, which is no surprise seeing he wasn’t allowed to be anywhere but his back until Saturday. We were given some exercises to do with Jordan at home for his feet and legs. His eyes are tracking well, and he doesn’t need speech services at this time.

Dr. Ritzman, the orthopedic doctor, came to see where Jordan was at as far as his legs and feet go. He stated that he has a condition called flail feet. He ordered an ultrasound and x-ray to check his hips to his feet. We are praising our Great Physician that Jordan’s hips are not displaced. He may have issues with his feet as he grows, but nothing ankle/foot braces won’t help.

All this to say there is a GREAT chance our little trooper will be walking.

We also had a visit from urology. The nurse from the department scheduled an appointment to teach us how to cath Jordan. We were thankful that my mom happened to walk in during our lesson so we’d have someone else to assist when we are in need.

After 4 attempts, Jordan did not have any urine come through the cath. In fact, the only resistance we had from our man was when we attempted to use a bigger catheter. We also had a visit from a supplier in case we would need catheters in the future. As of right now we will not need to cath.

We were crossing our fingers that we would be able to leave on Wednesday, June 22. Our only hope was to have Jordan circumcised sometime before we left. When we arrived to the NICU that morning, our nurse informed us they were not able to schedule us until Thursday.

Well, the persistent mother that Jordan has called the urologist and begged that they do whatever they could to have the procedure completed so we could be discharged Wednesday. He said he would see what they could do. Sure enough we received a call they would come around their lunch hour. Yippee!

A surprise came while we were waiting to be discharged. One of our favorite nurses, Betty from the more intensive area, came by to check to see how well Jordan had progressed. It was so encouraging because she was only there for a meeting, but made it a point to stop by.

I’m amazed how some people touch your lives in just a few days of being in contact with them. We look forward to sending pictures and stopping by to see these people who have assisted our little man during his first few days of life.

On Wednesday, we received the green light. We packed our bags, boxed the extra milk, and collected our memories and headed to our first stop…Target for some extra supplies to care for Jordan.

The stories we heard during our stay at Akron Children’s - from both the families and staff – really made an impact. It was so encouraging to sit and pray for a family whose son was going to undergo surgery. Or just encouraging each other as our children made progress throughout our stay.

Even though we’re all dealing with different diagnoses, we have that connection with each other that we’ll never forget.

Read more about Megs and Randy’s journey through her blog, Labor of Love.

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