From a Change Bandit Bash to an EEG lab

2012-06-29 15:51:45 by Sarah Sanford, Patient Family, as posted on the blog.

Baby Jude has been working his charm, his rugged boyish good looks and his mom’s willingness to beg and grovel to collect money for Akron Children’s Hospital the past few weeks. And he has been more than successful his original goal was $500. He met that on day 1. We upped the goal to $1,000. With his bag in hand last night to add to his online donations, he beat that goal, too.

All of the Sanfords feel good about it. Not only have our family and friends rallied around our fundraising efforts, but they have allowed us to get out the message that Akron Children’s is a FANTASTIC local facility.

Children’s is a place that Baby Jude spends a few days a week at, a place that I can map out in my sleep and a place that feels like home to him. Each of Jude’s doctors, therapists and social workers are truly committed to him. They are committed to his progress, not his prognosis.

They are committed to helping me make “good calls” regarding his care. They are committed to Baby Jude as if he is their own. And maybe, in a way, he kind of is.

His team has been with him for close to 2 years now, week in and week out. Setting goals we think are wild, and then cheering loudly when he reaches them. There is not a chance in the whole wide world that Baby Jude would be the walking, “talking,” engaging child that he is without the help of his entire Children’s team.

Which is why we kept Baby Jude up WAY past his self imposed (neurologically imposed) bedtime and took the kids to the 98.1 Have A Heart, Do Your Part radiothon Change Bandit Bash on Wednesday night. To turn in his loot.

The crowd wasn’t too thrilling to Jude. But for Jane, all the world’s a stage and the crowd was perfection. She picked out her own outfit to wear and told Vance that she was going to “a fancy dancey party at a GRAND HOTEL.”

It was a great event. We dropped off all of the generous donations made in Jude’s name. Saw the Doggie Brigade, saw a lot of familiar faces from Children’s (when you run in the same circles, you run in the same circles) and chatted with lots of other Children’s patient families. It was very easy to feel great about that.

However, waking up a sleeping Baby Jude the next morning to get him to Children’s for a 6 a.m. EEG study, well that didn’t feel so great. Until we were happily greeted by the NeuroDevelopment Science Center gals and Debbie in the EEG. They made 6 a.m. seem a-ok!

Jude was, once again, cared for in a caring, committed, compassionate and expert manner. Even that early in the morning.

After the EEG was done, Baby Jude and I hurried home for some naptime. For Baby Jude, that is. I had to get ready to answer phones at the Radiothon.

Please think about donating. You can go online or you can call the Radiothon. With every dollar you donate to Akron Children’s, you can assure another mom like me that her child will get the same care and commitment from Children’s that Baby Jude is blessed with.

Grateful, Prayerful & Hopeful.

Read more about Baby Jude in the rest of Sarah’s blog posts.

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