Ashten's scary 1st year..

2013-05-15 10:23:53 by tdomf_6569b, as posted on the blog.

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When my son Ashten was born in October 2009, we had no idea what his first year would entail.

When he was 5 days old we took him to the Akron Children's emergency care facility in Montrose because his clogged tear duct seemed to be getting worse.

They did several tests and determined that we would need to take him immediately to Akron Children's Hospital. Once at Children's we spent 5 days in Infectious Disease, and Ashten was treated for a blood infection that began when his tear duct wouldn't unclog on its own.

The speedy work of the nurses and doctors was greatly appreciated, not to mention they equipped me with everything I needed for a 5 day old baby.

It wasn't until August 2010 that he went to have his tubes put in with Dr. Bruderly at Akron Children's. When the nurse poked his finger pre-surgery and it wouldn't stop bleeding, they began to question if I was in fact a carrier for hemophilia (my dad had it). So Dr. Bruderly and his team cancelled his surgery and wanted me to follow up with Ashten's pediatrician, Dr. David Karas at the Akron Children's Pediatrics' Wadsworth office. 

We did, and after a trip back up to Akron Children's outpatient lab (they were great btw, kept an eye on my daughter, she was 3 at the time, and they were very good with Ashten because he has very difficult veins), we found out a week later that he does in fact have hemophilia.

He has a Factor 9 deficiency, and his level is at 10%. We found this out on a Thursday evening, and were instructed to contact the hemophilia dept at Akron Children's to make an appointment.

Well, Saturday night Ashten began to get sick, and continued vomiting all day Sunday. Finally, after refusing to eat and a panicky phone call to the after hours nurse, we took him to our local ER, Dunlap Community Hospital.

Within minutes of being there it was determined that Ashten was very anemic and extremely dehydrated, and there was the possibility that he was bleeding internally. After some quick blood tests it was confirmed that he was deteriorating rapidly and was bleeding internally, so AirBear was called in to transport us to Akron Children's.

We spent 3 and a half days in the PICU and then once Ashten was stabile we were moved up one floor to the Center For Childhood Cancers and Blood Disorders. After another 4 days we were finally released to head home.

The doctors and nurses that dealt with us and Ashten were very nice and prompt, and it made it a little more relaxed than it could have been. They all made sure we had what we needed, and were constantly in playing with and checking on Ashten.

Now Ashten is seen regularly by Dr. Hord and his team, as well as myself and my daughter Allysen. The staff at Children's went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of, and it shows today. They made a nightmarish situation easier to deal with.

We've had several trips to the Akron Children's ER since that stay, but nothing that I can't handle. He's a very active healthy little boy despite his condition, and I can only thank the staff at Children's for being so knowledgeable and patient with myself, and Ashten every time we go.

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