Hearing cheering in Seville? Thatís Randy and Megs celebrating

2012-07-17 15:54:57 by Megs Pollock, Patient Family, as posted on the inside.akronchildrens.org blog.

If you heard a little “yahhooo” coming from around the Seville area today around noon, it was Randy and I celebrating our little super hero’s good report from Akron Children's Myelo Clinic.

I guess it’s one of those things that as a parent, you think your child is doing well but need the affirmation from the professionals that they see the improvements as well. Dr. Kerwyn Jones, director of pediatric orthopedic surgery, was pleased to see Jordan’s feet have improved since his visit in February. We had discussed possible surgery to release the tendons in his feet to assist with future walking or bracing, but we’ve been diligent in having Jordan wear his moon boots at night to help with lengthening his tendons. They have been doing their job.

Of course the left is still a little tight, but Dr. Jones would like to see how it progresses then we’ll all discuss surgery if need be. The physical therapist at Children’s stated that Jordan’s foot and hip have shown improvement since she assessed him two weeks ago.

We were also excited to have Jordan demonstrate his tricks for Dr. Jones. Thank goodness we brought the puffs along. Dr. Jones was encouraged to see Jordan stand at a small table and, to Jordan’s credit, he showed him his little dance moves.

One of the points Dr. Jones made was about Jordan’s determination and understanding of what he needs to do. So the plan is to continue doing what we’re doing and continue to keep lengthening his tendons a couple of times a day.

We will also be visiting Hanger Clinic to have Brian the orthotist revamp his moon boots to assist in the lengthening process as Jordan sleeps. We appreciate Dr. Jones not just because he’s a great doctor, but he is willing to listen to what we have to say and we feel he values all members of the team’s points of view.

The visit with Dr. Roger Hudgins, director of pediatric neurosurgery, went as planned. He said that Jordan’s CT scan looked good and, from his stand point, Jordan does not need to be seen for another year.

WOW!! We are excited everything looks so good. One of my personal favorite aspects that Dr. Hudgins brings is his personal feel for his patients. He is able to assess Jordan by holding him in his lap and feeling his movements as he plays with him.

He was impressed that Jordan responds when we talk to him. We showed him how he sits up in extension while he is in sitting, and how, when we touch a leg and ask Jordan to kick, he kicks the leg we touch. And of course, how can you resist the classic arm up in the air to say good bye?

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