Can supplements really help prevent concussions?

2015-09-03 10:52:47 by Dr. Joe Congeni - Director of Sports Medicine, as posted on the blog.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

There are many supplements and other products on the market today claiming to help prevent or heal players' head injuries.

One such product, Reliant Recovery Water, recently popped up in major media outlets after its investor, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, claimed it helped prevent a concussion after he took a hard blow to the head in last winter's NFC Championship game.

This week, I spoke with 1590 WAKR "The Average Sports Show" host Brad Russell about this topic. At this point, medicine can't support his claim because there's absolutely no research or evidence to show these products are effective.

Below is an audio file and transcript of our discussion.

RUSSELL: Dr. Joe Congeni here. Dr. Joe, how you doin' today?

Dr. Joe Congeni Dr. Joe Congeni

DR. CONGENI I'm doing good, Brad. How about you?

RUSSELL: I'm doin' well, man. Dr. Joe, I wanted to ask your opinion on this. It was a story that came out, uh, earlier this week. It was about Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks quarterback). He took a really big hit in the NFC Championship Game from Clay Matthews (Green Bay Packers linebacker).

Uh, they checked him out on the sideline, and he's endorsing this recovery water product. I don't know if you're familiar with it or not, but, uh, it's some kind of, a uh, I'm assuming protein-based type drink.

But apparently, he says drinking his recovery water helped heal his head injury. Is there any possible way, in your doctor's opinion here, that that's possible?

DR. CONGENI Every meeting we go to there are people with all kinds of products about concussion, and you know that I read and look at different things.

RUSSELL: mm-hmm.

DR. CONGENI And, there are a couple of recovery-type supplements or products that are out there, but absolutely nothing has been shown with the research.

And ... I know people say, "Gosh, you know, just try it." You can try it, no problem. But, we have to base our decisions on research in medicine. Otherwise, people can say anything, in particularly, in the supplement world.

So, there are several different things they've looked at. Like for instance, I know that omega-3s are in a lot of those, you know, and other products that they've put in some of the brain builders Alzheimer's and others.

But as of right now, there's no research to say that any of them have been beneficial.

Originally aired on 1590 WAKR-AM on August 29, 2015

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