Jordan steps up to all his challenges

2012-07-12 16:43:33 by Megs Pollock, Patient Family, as posted on the blog.

Last week, Jordan took some giant steps for his small little world.

He had been pushing himself back into a seated position, but when we discussed the maneuver with his physical therapist, she asked that we discourage him from going into the splits because of the pressure it put on his hips.

After one treatment with her handling him with a better technique, Jordan seemed to have picked up a better use of his backing style. Instead he pushes himself over into sitting or into his four-point stance. In order to hold the stance that looks like he is going to crawl, his muscles need to fire to hold him up.

While we were playing on the floor last Monday, he decided to take the technique we have been working on to flex his hip and pull himself forward to crawl and show us he can perform the move independently. Yes, that’s what I said! He took a small independent crawl all by his big boy self!

Later in the week he took three consecutive moves forward. We were ecstatic to take him to show his physical therapist on Friday. Well, I guess he didn’t give us time to tell her because when Randy set him down on the mat he performed the move right away. She is just as excited as we are.

He has also shown that he can pull himself forward. Grant it, food always helps the cause. We were at the park with a family on Sunday and as we were all sitting enjoying the shade under a tree, he decided the little girl’s animal crackers looked appetizing and ventured over with three moves to have a little snack.

On Saturday night while we were working on his super boot time, Randy was assisting him to stand at the coffee table when Jordan spotted a puff he felt needed to make it into his mouth. So he took a crossover side step to get to where he wanted to go.

He has demonstrated a determination that he’s going to get what he needs or wants, one way or another.

Jordan’s hair has proven itself to be plentiful. We ventured out to participate in his third hair cut in the past four months.

We love taking him to the local barber, but at this rate, mommy may need to invest in her own scissors. When we’d remind him to sit up tall, he’d puff up his little shoulders and shoot a grin.

God has blessed us beyond belief. We continue to look to him for strength and thank him for each day that he blesses us with our peanut.

Some of my favorite things: The way you giggle behind the scenes when you think no one is listening.

The way you say “ya” after we ask you a question. “Jordan, do you love daddy?” “Ya.”  “Did you sleep good?” “Ya.”

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