Big day of meetings at Akron Children’s

2013-04-22 08:47:29 by Megs Pollock, Patient Family, as posted on the blog.

What a day we had on April 11! We started the day at Dr. Stewart’s office.  Of course, it started with a pretty significant delay due to all of the women having babies. We met a new ultrasound tech, so we were curious to see what she thought as she took her first glimpse at our lil Peanut.

We find it funny that each time someone new checks in, they mention how long Peanut’s legs are. Our little one is measuring right on target, maybe even a few days ahead. Peanut weighs 3lbs 6 oz with A LOT of hair.

We had a feeling it would be one extreme to another. I did not have hair until after 1, and Randy was blessed with a fro. Our priceless moment arrived when we saw Peanut’s mouth moving. On the other end, Dr. Stewart mentioned the ventricles have slightly increased, meaning there is more water on the brain. Other than that everything checked out pretty good.

Our next appointment was to meet with the neonatologist in the Reinberger Center at Akron Children’s. Dr. Feick was soooo nice. The Reinberger Center provides families an area to retreat to that doesn’t feel like a hospital. It offers a place to stay, take a shower, and just hang out. It’s right next door to the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), so we won’t be far from Peanut while we are there.

We sat in one of the rooms and had a chat about what our questions were about D-Day and the week that will follow. What a comfort to know Peanut will be in the care of such sweet doctors. One question we had was will we be able to hold our little one before surgery. We’ve had mixed answers so we will have to wait and see what the lesion looks like as far as being opened or covered by skin.

She also reassured us they will monitor the baby closely to determine if a shunt will be needed to be placed in the brain to drain the water to the stomach through a tube.

We were also able to tour the NICU. What a humbling experience. There were babies as small as your hand to others who were on ventilators (breathing machines). Randy and I were impressed with the atmosphere being so calm and peaceful for these children to start their lives in. We were also given a Snoedel doll for me to cuddle with a few days before Peanut arrives. The doll will collect my scent and then be taken to Akron Children’s with Peanut for bonding purposes.

It’s hard to come to the realization that we’ll be apart during the time when you think you should be able to cuddle and bond with your baby.

Next, we ventured to Akron Children’s Myelo (spina bifida) clinic to meet with our NeuroDevelopmental Science Center coordinator Jessica and Dr. Hull, two more wonderful people who truly seem interested in our family.

They gave us another overview of spina bifida, what deficits we may be facing, the treatment that may take place, an opportunity to ask questions, and the opportunity to call any time we needed to talk. We are so thankful to meet these team members ahead of time.

One of the most comforting aspects of our journey has been having the Fetal Treatment Center and the Myelo Clinic assist in making appointments and being a support system. Our God is so faithful and we praise Him for bringing an amazing health system into our lives at such a trying time.

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