ENT doctor makes good on a promise

2013-08-13 16:22:35 by Sarah Sanford, Mom Blogger, as posted on the inside.akronchildrens.org blog.

Making good on a promise is one of life’s litmus tests.  And Dr. Nelson, Baby Jude’s ENT doc at Akron Children’s Hospital, passed ours with flying colors.

The past few weeks have been chock full of congestion, cough, respiratory problems, a nose that drips like an old sink, fevers, sick baby appointments, aspiration pneumonia, and  chest X-Rays for Baby Jude.  To say that he has been under the weather is an understatement.

I try to avoid going to the pediatrician for every sniffle and rattle. We try to ride some sicknesses out.  Baby Jude spent a long time on antibiotics when he was an infant, so his tolerance is grossly high to them.

In my attempt to protect him in the event of a “Super Bug” and subsequent need for a “Super Antibiotic” one day, I do my best to get him over these respiratory setbacks the old-fashioned way.  We used every home remedy from steam-filled bathrooms to honey to Baby Jude and I “sleeping” vertically for close to a month.

Nothing worked. He was sick, we were both exhausted, and his cough made him sound like an 80 year-old Marlboro Man.

By week 4 of what I was sure was some lung-devouring , cough-inducing alien disease inside Baby Jude, I threw myself on the mercy of Dr. Nelson at ENT.  He had made Baby Jude a promise a long time ago that he would be there to see Jude whenever he needed him, appointment or not.  That day had come.  And Dr. N. made good on his word.

Physical therapy was particularly trying for Jude that morning. He was sick and did not want to participate. Jane C., his awesome physical therapist, said he sounded worse than he did the week before, and even the week before that when she thought he sounded the worst he ever had. She was right.

Without giving unsolicited advice, Jane C gave me the nod that it might be time to chuck the home remedies and see a doc. We left PT and made our way to ENT. The front office staff are sweet, kind, friendly ladies. They know Baby Jude all too well and so, seeing us roll in was a surprise because we didn’t have an appointment.

I think they took pity. I looked like something the cat dragged in and Baby Jude was a snot-covered, cranky mess.

Impromptu visit + doc’s promise = happy mom and Baby Jude

Dr. N had made good on his promise.  He saw Jude when Jude needed to be seen, not just when he was scheduled on the books. All it took was a quick exam to reassure me.

Dr. N recommended a new inhaler, and we discussed his airway and what lies ahead for his tonsils. He also sent us home with enough antibiotics prescribed to cure a horse of said lung-devouring, cough-inducing alien disease.

And that is exactly what puts Akron Children’s Hospital above and beyond the rest – from Jane C., Jude’s PT who sees the whole Jude, not just his range of motion, to Dr. N who made Baby Jude a promise and very graciously, made good on it.

All of them passed the litmus test, and for that (and a good night’s sleep), Baby Jude and I are Grateful, Prayerful & Hopeful.

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