2012 has been a year of blessings

2012-12-19 13:20:52 by Megs Pollock, Patient Family, as posted on the inside.akronchildrens.org blog.

This is the time of year that we seem to pay more attention to being thankful and spending more time with those whom we love. We’ve been beyond blessed this year.

Reflecting back on 2012 is exciting. The big events for us include Jordan sitting up by himself, scooting, crawling, getting his first teeth, taking trips together and introducing him to our family and friends.

Recently my heart was challenged in a different way to be thankful. As I sat in a church service a couple of weeks ago, my eyes could not help but well up with tears when I thought of how amazing our God truly is and how he blesses us sometimes without us even knowing that it’s happening.

Our music pastor spoke of how his family recognizes God’s blessings with a Joshua box. This is a box to place handwritten notes recognizing how God has blessed you. Our first blessing to be placed in our Joshua’s box was fresh on my mind.

Jordan has recently had trouble with his feet. He gets red marks from his braces and other items rubbing in different places.

The most recent occasion was noted on a Friday morning after his moon boots were removed. We tried some footie pajamas for a couple of evenings before placing the braces on the outside. My feeling is there must have been a bunch that caused his little mark.

The problem is that the skin on his feet is very sensitive and takes at least a month to heal, which causes us not to practice with his standing braces. It’s such a frustrating dilemma, because when his braces are on at night, he’s in them for about 10 hours. So if there’s a problem, we don’t find out until the next morning.

My heart sank with sadness realizing we would be facing another setback. I began to plead with God to please give us some answers and heal our little guy’s feet. We send pictures to our physical therapist to help with documenting the progress of his healing, with the stipulation that they also include a picture of his smiling face.

That same evening we attended Akron Children’s Holiday Tree Festival with our little man. After dinner, while walking around, I saw Dr. Todd Ritzman, an orthopedic doctor at Akron Children’s. As I was talking to him, he mentioned Jordan’s orthopedic doctor, Dr. Kerwyn Jones, was also at his table.

Randy and Jordan were admiring the beautifully decorated trees when I found them to let them know that Drs. Ritzman and Jones were in attendance. We were greeted by Dr. Jones and his wife along with Dr. Ritzman’s wife.

As I talked to Dr. Jones, Jordan sat with his wife eating little ice chips. We spoke about our concerns with Jordan’s feet. He offered to help get us in to see him the next week.

What a blessing, because our next Myelo appointment wasn’t scheduled until the end of December. It was truly an answer to my prayer. Jordan’s visit went well and we gained some insight as to what our next “step” would be.

There weren’t any major concerns, just changes in how we’ll be using Jordan’s “boots” in the future. The plan for the time being will be allowing the red spots to subside.

At our next physical therapy appointment, his physical therapist gave us some insight on how to work with the red marks to assist in the healing. Again, we’ve had our prayers answered with professionals who understand Jordan’s needs.

His feet are looking better and we have been able to slip his super boots and shoes on his feet a little longer each week. To be honest I think he’s stronger than ever. He’s a super crawler and tall kneeler when he has something to hold on to.

We’re excited to see how Jordan progresses into standing and walking longer and longer distances in his walker and parallel bars.

I’m so excited to start our Joshua box so we can look back on how God has blessed our family with both the little and the big events of our family’s journey.

Read more about Megs’ and Randy’s journey of raising a child with spina bifida through her blog, Labor of Love.

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