Heart healthy tips for kids: Exercise

2014-01-22 13:03:56 by Dr. Peter Vande Kappelle - Pediatric cardiologist, as posted on the inside.akronchildrens.org blog.

Your heart is a muscle and needs exercise to keep it healthy.Did you know that your heart is a muscle and it needs exercise to keep it healthy? Exercise is something we should do every day.

Did you know you should get at least one hour of exercise every day of the week? Exercise is any movement of your body.  You can even do it at home by walking up and down the steps or helping with chores around the house.

And, if you’re just getting started, try to get several 5-10 minute bursts of exercise throughout the day. You could also get up and exercise during TV commercials, such as jumping jacks, dancing, sit ups, or pushups. If you’re sweating that means you’re getting the right amount of activity.

Exercise can help reduce stress, keep a healthy blood pressure, and strengthen your bones and muscles. Don’t forget to get your family involved because working out together can help everyone by making it easier to motivate one another and hold each other accountable.

You can set goals for a family trip to a park for a long hike or a maybe a 5K race. Use a calendar and write down how long you walked or ran each day as you practice and train for your upcoming event.

Get started today and make it fun by trying to do a little bit longer than the previous day.

February is American Heart Month!

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