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2013-10-15 16:27:47 by Annie Sofran, Senior Marketing & PR Specialist, as posted on the inside.akronchildrens.org blog.

Toby Toby

As a parent, you want to equip your child with every opportunity to improve and do better. That’s even more true when you have a child with some special needs.

My son Toby has hearing loss but has been tremendously helped through his cochlear implants. He’s been in private therapy twice a week for four years now and one of the biggest challenges is keeping therapy interesting.

One of the ways we help Toby enhance his therapy (without him even knowing it) is through the use of the HOPE app. It’s designed to help improve listening and language, two key goals for cochlear kiddos.

One of the things Toby works on in therapy is saying sounds in the beginning, middle and ending of words. Usually he brings home work sheets that we review together. I was so excited to see that the HOPE app does the exact same thing.

toby-and-bennett Toby and his brother Bennett

As a 5 year old, Toby is very familiar with apps, so that alone made it interesting to him.

HOPE_appThe app has interactive flashcards that when Toby touches the image on the screen, it enlarges and a narrator says the word. Toby then repeats it, which allows me to know if he’s correctly hearing the word as well as speaking it.

The HOPE app is also a great way to build vocabulary, which is good for any child. In fact, we downloaded the app onto our other son’s iPod as well. He enjoys it, too.

I highly recommend the app for any family wanting to build vocabulary and improve listening and pronunciation.

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